Organic Silver Needle White Tea

Organic Silver Needle White Tea
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Organic Silver Needle White Tea has a savory aroma, a sweet flavor and is a rich-bodied brew. The airy and soft feel that it leaves on the palate is topped-off by a rounded finish. This tea is known for its weight-loss properties and it stimulates the metabolism. It is an anti-oxidant and low caffeine tea that tastes equally good cold or hot. The nectar-like body complements the rich yellow infusion. Its honey-sweet fragrance is smooth and clean without a hint of astringency. Ingredient of Silver Needle White Tea is Luxury Organic white tea.

White Tea Health benefits:

Antioxidant Properties, Antiaging Properties, Healthy and youthful skin, Oral health, Cancer prevention, Effects on diabetes,Cardiovascular disorder, Antibacterial properties, Common Cold, Weight loss.

  • Exceptional Traditional Chinese Tea. Antioxidant Rich. Skin Health. 

  • It is one of China's top ten superior teas.

  • It is an exceptional Chinese tea made in nature that is unflavored and has no fillers.

  • It is a lightly fermented tea that is thick and fruity.

  • Studies have shown that with regular white tea consumption, your bones with become stronger. White tea is for perfect for people with osteoporosis and arthritis.