Organic Natural White Tea Loose Leaf

Organic Natural White Tea Loose Leaf
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Product Details

Product name

Organic Natural White Tea Loose Leaf

Product description

White tea is one of the famous traditional tea . The organic natural loose leaf white tea made from the youngest and most tender hand-picked leaf tips and buds. This production process gives a fresh and delicate flavour and a snowy/silver coloured brew from which white Tea gets its name. Due to the laborious and detail oriented process, it's also one of the most expensive teas produced.

Place of origin: Fujian province, China

Brew guide: First, boil water in a pot (however, for best results, most people suggest cooling the water and letting the boiled water cool for 5-8 minutes, or else the tea will be scalded and be slightly astringent).

Second, put the leaves. 

Third, add sweetener (optional).

Preservation: Stored in the freezer, tea tin can

Product features

1. Premium tea leaves have all their essential oils intact, so the flavor, quality and health benefits are maintained. 

2. The floral aroma of this organic natural loose leaf white tea invigorates the senses and leaves you feeling pleasantly refreshed.

3. Smooth, sweet, body-full, pale, tending to A silver color, floral.

4. This organic natural loose leaf white tea is rich in antioxidants which promote cardiovascular health, help lower cholesterol, enhance weight loss and boost overall metabolism. 

5. This organic natural loose leaf white tea has unique floral taste with an exquisite aroma and sweet aftertaste. A white tea which is supremely healthy is a pleasure to drink everyday. Drink 2-3 Cups everyday for a transformed lifestyle. 

6. No added flavours. We only use 100% natural tea leaves.