Organic Fujian Silver Needle White Tea

Organic Fujian Silver Needle White Tea
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Product Details

Product name

Organic Fujian Silver Needle White Tea

Product description

The organic Fujian silver needle white tea is a lightly oxidized tea, and it is named because of the fine silvery white hairs on the surface that presents a whitish appearance. It is harvested primarily in China, mostly in Fujian province. White tea gest popularized in recent years for the more benefits and favorable nutrition. It contains quarter of the caffeine in coffee.

Health benefits

1. Good for stomach

2. Good antioxidant

3. Get off inflammation

4. Vasorelaxant

5. Eliminate toxicant and anti-cancer

Product features

1. This kind of tea is considered as exceptional traditional Chinese tea. It is luxurious loose tea. 

2. The white tea is rich in antioxidant. And it is good for skin health and beauty.

3. This white tea has a savoury aroma, a sweet flavour and is a rich-bodied brew.