Fujian Silver Needle White Tea

Fujian Silver Needle White Tea
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Fujian Silver Needle White Tea is a lightly oxidized tea, and it is named because of the fine silvery white hairs on the surface that presents a whitish appearance. It is harvested primarily in China, mostly in Fujian province. White tea gest popularized in recent years for the more benefits and favorable nutrition. It contains quarter of the caffeine in coffee.

  • Traditionally produced in the northern district of the Fujian province of China, this tea has been popular in its home country for thousands of years.

  • This is white tea in its finest, freshesy form. Our silver needle tea is made from 100% early spring tea buds, making it a delight that any tea lover will enjoy.

  • Fujian Silver Needle is renowned for its wide range of health benefits, and is rich in anti-oxidants, which can help to neutralise the effects of harmful free radicals.

  • It has a naturally sweet taste, which is perfectly balanced by a slightly smoky, woodsy fragrance that belies its light but complex palate.

  • Just delicious!