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Wuyi Mountain is about 650 meters above sea level. Creeks run through the rocks and cliffs, making it a unique yet accommodating breeding ground for tea. There have been a lot of legends surrounding Dahongpao, partly due to the almost ethereal environment that it grows in. In the cliffs still exist 4 to 6 “mother trees”, i.e. the oldest living Dahongpao trees planted almost 400 years ago.

According to legend, the Red Robe tea was named after a gift given to the trees from an emperor. During the Ming Dynasty, an emperor's mother was gravely ill. She drank the Tea and immediately felt better and was soon cured. The emperor in gratitude for the tea sent large amounts of rare red cloth to cover the trees during winter to insure that they did not die from the cold. The locals then started to call the tree Big Red Robe Tea because of the red cloth.

Red Robe Tea – The Most Famous Wulong

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Big Red Robe, also known as Da Hong Pao, is one of the world's most famous oolongs. Grown and harvested on the remote Wuyi Mountain cliffs, it is a rare treasure to savor. Big Red Robe's big, long, dark leaves are gently twisted and profusely aromatic, due to a light charcoal roasting.


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Da Hong Pao is a tea made to represent the essential character of Wuyi Mountain rock wulong: a bold red infusion with layered mineral body with a sweet, enduring finish.  For this, well-crafted Da Hong Pao is beloved by seasoned rock wulong drinkers, and by the same virtue is an excellent introduction to the style.

Brewing Methods

1. Washing Cup: Washing tea set by boiling water, and warming tea pot and cups.

2. Putting Tea: Pry up one pieces tea ( about 5-8 grams) , putting into tea pot.

3. Waking up Tea: Infusing boiling water into tea pot, waiting for about 3-5 seconds. Discarding tea soup right now when the tea beginning to stretch.

4. Brewing Tea: Infusing boiling water into tea pot again, waiting for about 10 seconds. 

5. Pouring Out Tea:After the tea juice exudes and tea soup become to brown, pouring out tea soup and preparing to taste now.

6. Tea-Tasting: Sipping tea when it is hot. Smelling before tasting, sipping with smelling.


OEM pack,customize logo or label according to clients' need,or you can choose the following common pack.

1. Standard Packing:

1)Tea bag: box, tin, plastic bag

2)Bulk Tea: Carton, Kraft Bag, PP Bag

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