Organic Anxi Oolong Tea

Organic Anxi Oolong Tea
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Product Type:

Anxi Oolong Tea


Fresh Oolong tea leaf

Tea Type:

Frog leg Oolong tea


Refine tea


Bright yellow-green

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TT, L/C, PayPal, Credit Card, Western


Polyphenols, amino acids, more caffeine, tea polysaccharides, vitamins, and so on

As the country of tea, China has long, extensive and profound tea history, and presented tea as a good gift for years. Nowadays, Chinese tea culture has swept all over the world. Famous tea has been the supreme gift, and even the first choice for Chinese people. Our Organic Anxi Oolong Tea selected from the place of origin, with pure authetic quility, excellent flavor, will make you enjoy the fragrance like a breath of fresh air.

  • Organic Anxi Oolong Tea is hand-picked in Anxi, Fujian, China.

  • It is lightly fermented and dried in the low temperature, producing a high floral scent and character.

  • The taste is nectar sweet and with outstanding orchid fragrance.

  • Bright golden infusion delivers unique heavenly charming lingering in the mouth and sweet aftertaste comes from the back of the throat.

  • 100 % Natural with no artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives