Women Can Drink Black Tea In Their Official Period.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, green tea is cool, black tea is hot, tea is in between the two, is neutral;

Women menstrual period: Scented tea, can regulate menstruation.

Can not drink, and time is half an hour apart from the meal time is advisable, especially after the meal, immediately tea, tea polyphenols will hinder the body of the decomposition of iron, easy to lead to iron-deficiency anemia. Therefore some people think: women in menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation are not suitable to drink tea, or easily lead to iron deficiency anemia.

Through the above introduction we will find that women can drink black tea when they have their period. Because black tea belongs to the heat of it to a certain extent can help women to achieve the role of menstruation, but can not drink too much of this tea, because some of the tea in the material will lead to iron deficiency anemia in women.