What Is Black Tea?

Black tea is the meaning of the world's first black tea by the Chinese province of Fujian Wuyi Camellia, known as the "Mountain small species."

Black tea, originated in China, the earliest black tea is called the Hill small species, by the Fujian Wuyishan Xing Village Tung Mu village Ancestors, in the late Ming Dynasty (about 1568 years), created. Wuyishan Tong Mu Village Jiang clan is the production of small varieties of black tea family, has been more than 400 years of history.

Black tea belongs to the whole fermented tea, is the bud leaves of tea tree as raw material, after withering, kneading (cutting), fermentation, drying and other typical process refining. Because of its dry tea color and brew the tea with red main tone, it is called black tea. More varieties of black tea, a wide range of origin, Qimen black tea is known all over the world, time black tea and small kinds of black tea everywhere Liuxiang, high-end black tea-Jin Jun eyebrow make black tea development to a new stage. In addition, the Indian and Sri Lankan origin of black tea from China has become famous.