The Predecessor Of Oolong Tea

Oolong tea originated in Fujian province, so far has been more than 1000 years of history. The formation and development of Oolong tea is the first to be traced to the North Garden.

Beiyuan tea is the earliest tea in Fujian province, is also the most famous tea after the Song Dynasty, the history of the introduction of the North Garden tea production and cooking works there are more than 10 kinds. North Court is the area around Phoenix Mountain in Jianou, Fujian province, has produced tea at the end of the Tang Dynasty. According to "Min Tong Zhi", the late Tang Dynasty, Jian ' an Zhang Tinghui hired workers in Phoenix Mountain to open up a mountainous type of tea, the beginning of the study of Cream tea, Song Taizong Country two years (977 years) has produced Longfeng tea, Songzhenzong (998 years) after the transformation of small groups of tea, to become famous At that time, the Fujian transit officials, the supervision of the manufacture of tea Cai, special tribute to the North Court tea, he wrote in 1051, "tea recorded" in the "tea taste of the Lord in Gan-slip, but the north of the Phoenix Mountain continuous baked in the taste good." "North Court tea important products belong to the Dragon Regiment Phoenix Cake, its mining technology such as Huang ran to send Lu Yu's poem said:" Far upper cliff, cloth leaves warm spring breeze, surplus basket day oblique. "To pluck a basket of fresh leaves, to pass through the day, leaves in the basket sway backlog, to the evening can start steaming, this backlog of raw materials inadvertently occurred in some red change, bud leaves by enzymatic oxidation of the part of the purple or brown, the essence of the process is half fermented, that is, the category of the so-called Oolong tea. Therefore, to say that the tea is the predecessor of tea is a certain scientific basis.