The Baking Essentials Of Oolong Tea

Baking purpose

The production of Oolong tea and the making and baking of oolong tea are mainly aimed at: reduce the water content of tea, keep water content between 4%-6%, prevent the quality of tea storage period and Chen flavor, and then prolong the storage life; by baking technology to remove the tea green odor and other peculiar smell, enhance tea flavor, to improve the quality of tea To make the amino acids and reducing sugars in the tea heated by dehydration into aroma components, as well as sterilization, reduce agricultural residues and other functions. Therefore, tea baking includes to go to different, to water and produce tea aroma taste, should be based on the tea consumption market orientation, the different taste of the area, determine the baking degree, and baking degree depending on the baking temperature and time.

Baking effect

Four kinds of functions of oolong tea baking: dehydration saccharification (maturation), isomerization, oxidation and ripening. The effect of late ripening is closely related to the moisture content of tea, the storage condition and the change of effective chemical composition in tea, and the general late ripening effect is better in special varieties of high-grade tea, especially the superior Wuyi Rock tea and bergamot tea.

Baking segment

Baking tea to be divided into two stages: first, baking out the tea inside the water vapor and green odor, preservation of flavor, and other tea inside the water vapor and odor after the removal of natural aroma and taste, and then bake customer market like the heat and taste. Therefore has the fragrant tea to bake to fragrant, the general tea must bake to the taste water bright.

Tea baking technology depends on two directions, that is, see green make tea, see tea baking tea (fragrance type of tea should be lower, dry tea moisture content slightly higher, can maintain gratifying green color, and dry tea easy to show similar fragrance of orchids. At present, all the high quality guanyin is light baking tea, the high degree of Luzhou-flavor tea and repeated many times, the dry tea incense is obvious, but the color is much gray, dark yellow to orange red, with bitterness), according to the demand of the consumer market, determine the degree of baking. To see tea-baked tea refers to the quality of the first tea to determine the baking temperature and the length of time, including the quality of tea water, Chaqing mining standards and tenderness, shape tightness, aroma and taste, and other factors.