Quality Identification Of Green Tea

The quality of green tea is different, can be based on the appearance of green tea and bubbles of tea, leaf bottom for identification.

Fresh green tea and old green tea: the appearance of fresh green tea color green, shiny, smell a strong flavor of tea, foam out of the tea color green, fragrance, orchid incense, ripe chestnut fragrance, taste glycol refreshing, leaf bottom green bright.

The appearance of old green tea color yellow dark, matte, low aroma, such as the tea with the mouth blowing hot air, moist local leaves color yellow and dry, smell a cold feeling; bubble out of the tea soup color deep yellow, taste although mellow but not refreshing, Yedichen owes bright.

Spring, Xia Cha and Autumn tea: Spring shape Bud Ye Shi Strong, dark green, moist, taut knot, thick, foam out of the soup flavor, glycol refreshing, strong aroma, soft and bright leaf bottom.

Xia Cha shape of the rope is more coarse pine, color Miscellaneous, leaf bud wood clear; bubble out of the soup taste astringent, leaves hard, veins revealed, mixed with copper green leaves.

The shape of the autumn tea cable tight, silk tendons, light, color green, bubble out the color of the tea, soup and mild, sweet, fragrant light, soft leaves, a lot of copper color monolithic.

Alpine Green tea and flat green tea: Alpine green tea shape cable thick, color green, rich luster, foam out of the tea color green bright, lasting aroma, strong taste, leaf bottom bright, soft leaves.

Flat green tea shape cable thin, thin, light, thin, color yellow green, bubble out the color of the tea, fragrance insipid, taste mellow, leaf quality is hard, veins revealed.