New National Standard Of Oolong Tea

Fujian is a large province of Oolong tea, the Minnan region is the main producing area of Oolong tea. Previously, the domestic only gb/t19598-2006 "geographical indications products Anxi Tieguanyin" and Fujian Provincial standard db35/t943-2009 "geographical indications Fujian Oolong Tea", these standards let some enterprises law. However, the industry for the national standard of oolong tea has never stopped, the implementation of the national standard Oolong tea, but also a separate section of Tieguanyin.

In the "Oolong tea" of the new GB, the provision of 7 kinds of oolong tea, tieguanyin, gold, color species, red robe, narcissus, cinnamon, single fir. Tieguanyin became the first national standard of Oolong tea category.

It is understood that the "Oolong Tea part 2nd: Tieguanyin" consists of 8 major parts, stipulating the terms and definitions of Tieguanyin, classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, label labels, packaging, transportation and storage, etc., to enhance the quality of tieguanyin.

The new national standard specifically listed Tieguanyin classification for the fragrance of Tieguanyin and Luzhou-flavor Tieguanyin, the former baking temperature is 65℃~75℃, the latter is 105℃~120℃, this classification method, and Anxi Tieguanyin before the standard is roughly the same. "Oolong Tea Part 2nd: Tieguanyin" also subdivided the two products into special, first, two, three, etc., Luzhou-flavor tieguanyin than fragrance type more than a rating-four, the new national standard also for each variety and grading set up a kind.