How To Evaluate Black Tea Professionally

Eight kinds of flavor of black tea

T-flavor: Where there is white fresh leaves, tender degree for a single bud or a bud, the production of normal gold to reveal the dry tea, brewing a typical incense.

Fragrance Type: pure fragrance, soft and lasting, although not high, but slowly distributed, is a pleasant feeling, is the production of black tea all have fragrant qi.

Tender flavor: fragrant and delicate, fresh Yue nose, there is like the aroma of corn, fresh leaves raw materials delicate and soft, making good famous tea.

Fire-type: including rice cakes incense, Gao, old fire incense and crispy crust incense. Fresh leaf raw materials are older, contain more stems, in the manufacture of dry when the high, is tea containing sugar coke saccharification formation.

Floral type: Has a variety of similar natural fragrance of flowers. Some special tea varieties will have the aroma after the withering process.

Fruit-type: emits similar aromas of fruit, such as Longan. Black tea with Apple fragrance, small black tea with Longan fragrance (especially the traditional loose flavor).

Sweet-smelling type: including fragrant incense, fragrant flowers, jujube incense, dried longan, honey incense and so on. Black tea made of moderately fresh leaves has this typical aroma.

Loose incense: In the manufacturing process of drying process with pine, cypress or maple balls, margaritae, such as smoked tea, such as small black tea.

10 Flavors of black tea

Concentrated alcohol type: convergence and irritation, the second in the thick (cool) type, sweet aftertaste or Gan Shuang, fresh leaves of good, manufacturing, such as fine large, medium-flavored varieties processing time black tea.

Mellow Type: The flavor is still strong, with irritation, aftertaste slightly sweet or cool, fresh leaves of good quality, the production process of the normal majority of black tea.

Fresh alcohol type: taste fresh and alcohol, aftertaste sweet and refreshing, fresh leaves more tender, fresh, manufacturing timely, knead light, or knead the normal high black, appropriate red.

Sweet alcohol type: including alcohol sweet, sweet and, sweet, have fresh leaves sweet thick feeling, raw material is delicate and fresh, manufacture exquisite, such as the best black tea in the whole bud, all eyebrows, leaflets kind of time black tea.

Strong-Type: Strong flavor, rich in content, the tongue feeling irritating, strong convergence. Fresh leaves to pick the appropriate seed or large-leaf species, processing when the full, the fermentation of light red broken tea.