Where is the original place of da hong pao?

Da hong pao, produced in fujian wuyi mountain, belongs to oolong tea, excellent quality. Chinese special tea. Its appearance is tied knot, color green brown fresh embellish, after brewing soup color orange yellow bright, leaves red and green. The most outstanding quality is the fragrant orchid fragrance, the fragrance is high and lasting, "Rock rhyme" Is obvious. In addition to the general tea has a refreshing and beneficial thinking, eliminate fatigue, shengjin diuresis, antipyretic heat and heat, sterilization and antiphlogistic, detoxication and disease prevention, digestion and food to get greasy, weight loss and bodybuilding and other health functions, but also has cancer prevention, blood lipids, anti-aging, and other special effects. Da hong pao very resistant to brewing, brewing seven, eight still smell. Drink "Da hong pao" Tea, must press "Gongcha" Small pot small cup fine slow drink the program, can really taste the buddhist tea flavor of rock tea.


Da hong pao tea was made of asexual propagation, many clone tea tree species in fujian province, parents can genetic variation, and not the advantages of wuyishan dahongpao tea area is grown, the seedlings are directly or indirectly from the introduction of the tea research institute, has not heard of a variable or other abnormal phenomenon, and the development of purebred dahongpao time is not long, and not the use of seed breeding, there is no variation and algebra.


Located in the kowloon nest of mount wuyi scenic spot, there are six varieties of tea (all of which are grown from seed).

Da Hong Pao