What is white tea organically?

Organic white tea , a micro-fermented tea, is a traditional famous tea created by chinese tea farmers. One of the six major tea groups in china. Refers to a kind of tea that is picked, not killed or rolled, but dried in the sun or a gentle fire. It has the characteristics of complete shape bud, full body, fresh fragrance, clear yellow and green liquor color, light and sweet taste. Is a mild fermentation tea, tea is a special treasure in china. Because its finished tea is bud head more, be covered with bai hao, if silver resembles snow and get name. The main production areas in fujian fuding, zhenghe, songxi, jianyang, yunnan jinggu and other places. The basic processes include withering, baking (or drying), picking, and reheating. Yunnan white tea technology mainly sunning, the advantages of sun-green tea is to maintain the original taste of tea fragrance.withering is the key process of forming the quality of white tea.


Due to the different standards of tea tree varieties and raw materials (fresh leaves), the main varieties of white tea are as follows: First day bud, white millet needle, white peony, longevity eyebrow


The white tea leaves making process is the most natural, the picked fresh tea leaves thin spread on the bamboo mat placed under weak sunlight, or placed in the room with good ventilation and light transmission effect, let its natural withering. Dry to 70 80% dry, then dry slowly with a gentle heat. Due to the simplicity of the manufacturing process, a minimum of processing.

White Tea Organically