What is white tea?

White Silver Needle Tea.jpgWhite tea, a micro-fermented tea, is a traditional tea created by Chinese tea farmers. One of the six major teas in China. Refers to a kind of tea that is processed after being harvested without being killed or simmered, and only after drying by drying or simmering. It has the characteristics of buds with complete buds, full body, fragrant and fresh, soup yellow-green and clear, and tastes light and sweet.

White tea is a slightly fermented tea and is a special treasure in Chinese tea. Because the finished tea is mostly bud head, full of white, named as silver like snow. The Yunnan white tea process is mainly sun-dried, and the advantage of sun-dried tea is that the taste maintains the original fragrance of the tea. Withering is a key process in the formation of white tea quality.

The production process of white tea is the most natural. Spread the fresh tea leaves on the bamboo mat in the weak sunlight, or put it in a room with good ventilation and light transmission, so that it will wither. When drying to 70% or 80%, dry it slowly with a slow fire. Due to the simplicity of the production process, processing is carried out in a minimum of steps.