What is white tea?

White tea, a micro-fermented tea, is a traditional tea created by Chinese farmers. One of the six major tea classes in China. A tea that is processed after a dry or a slow-fire after being picked without fixing or twisting.

With a complete shape bud, covered with a dime, incense fresh, soup color yellow green clear, taste light back gan quality characteristics. is a slightly fermented tea, is the special treasures of Chinese tea. As a result of its tea as a bud head, covered with white, such as silver like Snow and named. The main production areas in Fujian fuding, and Governance, Songxi, Jianyang, Yunnan Jinggu and other places. The basic processes include withering, baking (or shade), picking, and fire-recovery processes. Yunnan White Tea technology is mainly tanning, the advantage of the sun is to maintain the original taste of tea fragrance. Withering is the key process to form white tea quality.