What is the tea culture in China?

The connotation of tea culture is actually a concrete expression of chinese culture and chinese culture. China is known as a country of etiquette. The spiritual connotation of tea culture is a cultural phenomenon with distinct chinese cultural characteristics and etiquette formed through the combination of making tea, appreciating tea, smelling tea, drinking tea and tasting tea, etc. Li in ancient china used to determine the relationship between friends and suspects, different, right and wrong. In the long history of development, as a code of ethics and life in chinese society, ritual plays an important role in the cultivation of chinese spiritual quality. At the same time, with the social reform and development, li has been constantly given new contents and integrated with some habits and forms in chinese life, forming various cultural phenomena with chinese characteristics. Tea culture is a typical traditional culture in china. China is not only one of the origin of tea, but also has rich and diversified tea drinking habits and customs in different ethnic groups and regions of china.

People in more than 100 countries and regions around the world enjoy tea. Chinese tea culture reflects the long civilization and etiquette of the chinese nation. Tea is a kind of plant, edible, detoxifying, long product easy health, longevity, chinese black tea is the best, can also be used for medicinal purposes, so there is a sentence of tea is the essence of heaven and earth, shun is the fundamental of life. Therefore, tao has tea in his home.

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