What is the role of black tea?

Keemun Black Tea.jpgBlack tea contains rich nutrients, the most important being vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, amino acids and sugars. The caffeine, vitamins, amino acids and phospholipids in black tea help the body to digest and regulate fat metabolism. The stimulation of caffeine can increase the secretion of gastric juice, thereby increasing appetite and helping digestion. Japanese scholars have proved through scientific tests that black tea has a strong function of greasy, digestive, etc., which is why the meat-eaters particularly like this kind of tea. In addition, black tea can also improve the intestinal microbial environment and has a gastrointestinal function. Chinese folks have used the traditional black tea to treat bloating, dysentery, and no digestion.

Black tea has good degradation of fat, anti-hemagglutination, fibrinogen-promoting and significant inhibition of platelet aggregation, and can relax the blood vessel wall and increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, thereby inhibiting the atherosclerotic plaque of the aorta and coronary artery. form. To achieve blood pressure, soften blood vessels, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Tea polysaccharides rich in black tea have the effect of lowering blood lipids and peroxide activity in blood.

The tea polysaccharide complex in black tea is the main component of blood sugar lowering. Tea polysaccharide complexes, commonly referred to as tea polysaccharides, are a complex and varied mixture of components. The results of tea polysaccharide content determination of several teas showed that black tea had the highest tea polysaccharide content and its component activity was stronger than other teas, because in the fermented tea, due to glycosidase, protease, hydrolase The role of the relatively short length of the sugar chain and the peptide chain, the longer peptide chain of the short peptide chain is more easily absorbed, and the biological activity is stronger, which may be the fermented tea, especially the black tea polysaccharide has excellent blood sugar lowering effect for other teas.