What is the process of making fujian anxi tieguanyin tea?

1. Green picking: The production of china's anxi tieguanyin tea combines the characteristics of black tea fermentation and green tea non-fermentation, belonging to the semi-fermentation variety, and the fresh leaves collected are tried to be complete.the collection of tea leaves by the bud (heart) elongate the leaf after opening, adopt its one and two leaves, commonly known as "Open face mining."The collection of tea leaves takes up a very important prerequisite in the whole process of tea making. When collecting tea leaves, it is not allowed to be picked in rainy days and cloudy days. Otherwise, it will be difficult to achieve the flavor and aroma of glycol.


2. Cool green, sun-cured and heat-cured green: Fresh leaves are collected and stored in the factory according to the standards and then exposed to the sun after cooling. When the sun is soft at 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, the leaves are straight and thin, losing their original luster and turning dark. The leaves are soft to touch with hands, the parietal leaves droop, and the weight loss is moderate at about 6-9%.then move into the room to cool and cultivate after doing green.


3. Shake the green and spread the green, collectively called green.the key to determine the quality of woollen vegetables is high technology and flexibility.the shaking green causes the leaf edge to undergo friction, the leaf edge cells are damaged, and then the leaves are arranged. Under certain temperature and humidity conditions, the leaf water gradually loses, and the polyphenols in the leaves slowly oxidize under the action of enzymes, which causes a series of chemical changes, thus forming the unique quality of oolong tea.


Anxi tieguanyin tea are thickened, and the green time should be re-shaken and extended. There are 5 ~ 6 times of shaking, and the rotation of each shaking is from less to more.after shaking, the amortization lasted from short to long, and the thickness of the amortized leaves varied from thin to thick.the third and fourth shake green must shake to the strong green flavor, fresh leaf is stiff, commonly known as "Return to the field", stem leaf moisture redistribution balance.shaking qing is an important process of making tieguanyin. By rotating through shaking cage, collision among leaves and scratch on the edge of leaves can be generated, which activates the decomposition of enzymes in buds and leaves to produce a unique aroma.in this way, the tea will stop and stop until the aroma is released naturally. When the aroma is strong, the tea will be immediately green, rolled and rolled. When the tea is rolled into particles, it will be roasted gently.


4. The stir-fry should be timely, and the smell of green leaves should disappear. The aroma should be promptly exposed.


5. Rolling and baking: The rolling of tieguanyin is repeated many times.knead for about 3 ~ 4 minutes, and then bake.roasting to five, sixty percent dry, not glue the hand nowadays roasting, strike package knead, knead, pressure, rub, catch, shrinkage, after three and baked in 50 ~ 60 ℃ is simmered bake, the aroma of finished folding of the hidden, taste mellow, exterior colour and lustre is full.

Fujian Anxi Tieguanyin Tea