What is the classification of anxi oolong tea?

Varieties classification of tie guan yin oolong tea

According to the national standards, anxi tieguanyin can be divided into two categories, namely qingxiang and luzhou-flavor.according to the market products can be divided into qingxiang, yun xiang, luzhouxiang, chen xiang, and qingxiang tieguanyin according to the production process is different, but also into two types of positive flavor and sour flavor.


Is taste type

Separate the green and fried two practices.the practice is to pick green the next morning (5-6 a.m.) to start watching green tea.and the normal stir-fry is to pick green the next day before 12 noon fry.the tea color is dark green, with elegant aroma and mellow taste, but slightly astringent.in addition, obvious sound, sweet degree, golden soup is the most prominent feature of positive tieguanyin.


Acid scent

According to the production time point of the different, can be subdivided into two practices of recycling and unplugging.the general practice is to pick the next day after about 5 pm fry.the method is generally picked after the second day at about 10 p.m.the tea is dark green in color, widely spread in aroma, with sound, sweet and sour taste, soup color or deep golden color.


Rhyme scent

In 2007, tieguanyin was developed and put into the market by anxi tieguanyin group.again on the basis of traditional flavors practice after 120 ℃ for 10 hours, improve the taste of alcohol degrees, and the development of aroma.tea is rich in fermentation, traditional positive flavor, with "Strong, rhyme, run, special" Taste, high fragrance, sweet back, lasting taste foot, its soup color is clear and clear, yellow has green, such as the early autumn of jiangnan, all show luxurious and richly, it has been favored by the vast number of consumers for a long time.the vitamin c and vitamin e in tieguanyin can block the synthesis of nitrosamine, a carcinogen.


Highly flavored type

Anxi tieguanyin tea is a traditional semi-alcoholic tea, which is suitable for senior tea lovers because of its heavy taste. The leaves look like light black and yellowish leaves behind the green tea leaves, which is not the best color. But the taste is the most pure.tieguanyin tea, a traditional tea preparation method, requires a longer and heavier semi-fermentation time, and the tea soup after brewing is also thick in color. It tastes mellow and sweet, which means purity.


Chen scent

Chen-flavor tieguanyin is an extension of luzhou-flavor tieguanyin. Its raw materials are all selected from the traditional production process and made of quality tieguanyin products.in a long time ago, people in anxi know that tieguanyin has the effect of preventing heat, reducing distension, reducing gas, removing oil and so on.anxi tieguanyin group first brought its products to the market in 2007, and established enterprise standards.

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