What is puerh tuo cha tea cake?

pu erh tea cake is the shape of pu-erh tea compressed into cakes, commonly known as pu-erh tea cake. Pu 'er tea is usually stored and transported by means of pancake pressing. In history, there were 357 grams of one cake and seven cakes for one.Easy to calculate as well as mule and horse.


Production methods of pu erh tea

1, Picking tea, of course, is sagebrush, the raw material of green cake is quite important

2,Break down the tea and leave the old leaves behind

3,Kill green, very important, remove water vapor, fire temperature in 70-80 degrees will be the best

4, Knead the tea and remove the bitter water and some of the stems

5,Dry the tea and call it "sun-green tea"

6,Steam the tea before pressing the cake

7, Press the cake with stone mill, more than N times better than machine pressure, loose but not loose

Puerh Tuo Cha Tea Cake