What is lung ching dragonwell green tea?

As early as the northern song dynasty, dragon well green tea area had formed a preliminary scale. At that time, the "Xianglin tea" Of "Xianglin tea" Of "Xianglin tea" Of "Xianglin cave of" Lingyin ", "Baiyun tea" Of "Baiyun peak of" Shang zhu "And" Baoyun tea "Of" Baolin "Yunshan" Were listed as tribute products.northern song dynasty monk eloquence was wizard, he prowled the is also with the writer su dongpo in longjing peak at the foot of the mountain lion shousheng temple tea poetry, su dongpo had "Yun-feng bai under two new flags, bored with long green fresh grain rain spring" The words of praise of longjing tea, and calligraphy "Old longjing" Plaques, yet remaining shousheng temple immortal temple, 18 imperial tea garden in the tree on the overhanging rock at the foot of the mountain lion peak.


The southern song dynasty and hangzhou became the capital, and the tea production also had further development.

In yuan dynasty, the quality of lung ching tea was further improved.tea produced near longjing began to appear. Yu bosheng, a tea-lover, began to write a tea poem called "You long jing".chenggong loves visitors and draws water into your sinus.sitting in my jangbo, i can't smell the aftertaste.but see ladle in clear, cuiying fell bi xiu.after cooking and frying the golden sprouts and not taking the grain rain, two or three of them came together.it can be seen that at that time, monk jushi saw the quiet scenery around longjing, and there were good springs and good tea, so they came together to drink tea and enjoy the scenery.

Lung Ching Dragonwell Green Tea