What is loose leaf silver yin zhen pearls tea?

The taste of loose leaf silver yin zhen pearls tea is endless. Freshly brewed tea, white velvety tea leaves float or sink in the air, shining with the heat of white smoke. In the mist, a burst of fragrance from the nose, through the heart and lung. later, silver needle tea changed from horizontal to upright, upright, slowly down, gradually spread out the delicate leaves. The tea is filled with fragrance, such as chewing olives, and endless aftertaste. In the appreciation, the whole body is like a bath spring, and the turbid air and annoyance are washed and cleaned. Silver-needle tea is really admired by people all over the world. Literati in past dynasties called it a treasure in tea, and cai xiang, a literati in the song dynasty, praised it as "The essence of north garden lingya under heaven".


Silver needle tea, small and lovely, covered all over with silver fuzzy hair, and light green, this with green fuzzy, like silver particles, sparkling. Because of its small size, people called it white silver needle. Emperor huizong of song dynasty was greatly pleased with the silver needle tea of guanli county (zhenghe county) in the five years of politics, which was specially granted to guan li for political harmony. It can be seen that the silver needle tea has great charm.covered with silver needles;the fragrance lasts for a long time, and the taste is the most refreshing, resistant to brewing. The liquor color is clear, with bright green leaves at the bottom. Li river silver needle tea is picked every year around tomb-sweeping day, mainly with one bud and one leaf showing at the beginning. The picking standard is required to be tender, even, clean and complete, and five not to be picked, that is, rain and dew buds, disease and insect buds, thin buds, purple buds and incomplete buds are not picked.

Loose Leaf Silver Yin Zhen Pearls Tea