What is lapsang souchong loose leaf tea?

Lapsang souchong tea is the originator of black tea in the world. That is "Mountain", is the real "From the" Mountain area, all the tea from the wuyi mountain, are called mountain, concentrated chishi processing, and wuyi tea produced by said outside the mountain, near focus star village processing, but made little star village camellia kind of black tea, in the market of its own, therefore, lapsang souchong is also called the "Star school", to distinguish it from the wuyi mountain area outside of the small species.


Worship star, anxian county, the village of cao, pier and paulownia clearance area is located in the northern section of wuyi mountain, high terrain, elevation 1000-1500 meters, warm in winter and cool in summer, the annual average temperature 18 ℃, annual rainfall of 2000 mm or so, between spring and summer, the cloud all day long, where the geological fertile, and cultivating the habit of replace with out-soil, deepen the soil, so the tea peng and leaf thick soft soft.


Lapsang souchong loose tea is rich in shape, dark in color and thick in color after soaking water. The liquor color is red and thick. The aroma is high and long with the aroma of pine smoke.

Lapsang Souchong Loose Leaf Tea