What is lapsang souchong black tea?

1. Storage of iron cans

Choose the tinplate double cover color tea served on the market as the container. Before storage, check whether the tank body and lid are sealed and not leak air. When stored, fill the dry lapsang souchong tea cans, which should be packed tightly. This kind of method, use convenient, but unfavorable long-term storage.


2. Thermos storage

Choose the thermos bottle with good heat preservation. Fill the bottle with the lapsang souchong loose leaf tea , and fill it with enough water, so as to reduce the air reserve in the bottle. Because the air in the bottle is less and the temperature is stable, this method is effective and easy to use.


3. Storage of ceramic jars

Choose dry and odor-free, sealed ceramic altar of a, with kraft paper wrapped tea leaves, divided around the altar, a lime bag embedded in the middle, the top of the tea bag, after filling the altar, with cotton covered tightly. Lime interval should be replaced once 1-2 months. This method makes use of the hygroscopic property of quicklime to keep the tea from damp and has a good effect, and can maintain the quality of tea for a long time, especially for some precious tea such as longjing flag and gun.


4. Wrapped in clean odorless white paper, tea first, then pack on a piece of brown paper, then packed into a nonporous plastic food bag, gently squeeze out air bag with soft rope tied tightly in a plastic bags, then observe the casing outside the first bag, also gently squeezing, squeezing bag air again tied with string mouth;Finally, put it into a dry, odorless sealed tube.


5. Cryogenic storage

The method is the same as "food bag storage method", and then put the tea in the refrigerator. The internal temperature can be controlled below 5 degrees Celsius and can be stored for more than one year. This method is especially suitable for storing famous tea and jasmine tea, but it should prevent tea from dampness.


6. Charcoal sealed storage method

Use charcoal to store tea leaves. Burn charcoal first, cover with firepot or iron pan immediately, make its extinguish, wait for airing hind with clean cloth wrap charcoal, put in the tile cylinder that fills tea leaves among. The charcoal in the cylinder should be replaced in time according to the condition of hu chao.

 Lapsang Souchong Black Tea