What is keemun black tea?

Keemun black tea is referred to as qhong for short. The tea material is made from local middle and middle-growing tea trees, "Seed of eyrei leaf", which is a famous tea in chinese history and a famous black tea.tea farmers in anhui were created in the reign of emperor guangxu, but the earliest historical records can be traced back to the tea classic of lu yu in the tang dynasty.produced in anhui province qimen, east to, guichi, stone taiwan, yixian, as well as the area of fuliang in jiangxi."Qi hongte is the most famous, and the most famous."Qimen black tea is the best black tea, enjoying a high reputation as the favorite drink of the queen and the royal family.


Historical evolution

In the merriam-webster dictionary of the united states, "Qimen black tea" Records the origin of qimen black tea -- qimen county, anhui province, china.founding year: Qimen produced tea in the year of guangxu (1875 ad), has more than 100 years of production history, can be traced back to the tang dynasty, tea saint luyu in the "Tea classic" Left: "Huzhou up, changzhou times, under xizhou" Records, at that time qimen belongs to the qing dynasty.

Around 1875, hu yuanlong, a native of qimen, learned from the production of black tea from other provinces, and produced black tea in qimen.


In the first year of the reign of emperor guangxu (1875), hu yuanlong set up the zhishun tea factory in the building of pugui hill. He used his own tea.

Before the reign of emperor guangxu of qing dynasty, qimen only produced green tea, not black tea.

In 1875, a man named yu ganchen in yixian county, anhui province dismissed officials back to his native place to do business in fujian. Seeing that black tea was popular in dolly, he set up a red tea farm in yao du street in zhide county.

In 1876, yu set up the black tea branch in the west road town of qimen and the shantou village successively, expand the business.due to the superior natural conditions in qimen area, the quality of black tea made by qimen is superior to that of other black tea groups. As a result, the production area keeps expanding, the output keeps improving and the reputation is getting higher and higher. It has attracted great attention of tea traders in the international black tea market.

In the eighth year of the reign of emperor guangxu (1883), hu yunlong became one of the founders of qi hong.

Yu ganchen's disciple apprentice has chen shang hao and so on.in 1875, yu ganchen opened tea house in likou. Chen shanghao studied in tea house since he was a child. After many years, he learned consummate skills.

Keemun Black Tea