What is history of famous anxi oolong tea?

Anxi began to produce tea in the late tang dynasty.during the song and yuan dynasties, tea was produced by both temples and farmers in anxi, the place of tieguanyin.according to "Yanshi yanzhi", "Clear water peak, clouds and fog, temple monk plant tea, full of mountain air, bathing the essence of sun and moon, getting haze haze, eating can cure a hundred diseases.lao liao, etc. Belong to the family, the taste of fragrance less than also.ghost empty mouth has song plant two, three of its flavor, its work benefits greatly, drink of don't notice two axils wind live, if meet land feather, will use to fill tea yan ".


During the ming and qing dynasties, anxi tea reached its peak.in the ming dynasty, an xi tea industry was characterized by the wide spread of tea drinking, tea planting and tea making to all parts of the county and the rapid development of a large rural industry.ming dynasty "Often le. Chongshan and other goods (referring to tea) sold very much" Records.wuyi tea was produced from tang dynasty, and wugong tea was produced in the late ming dynasty.


In the early qing dynasty, the tea industry in anxi developed rapidly, and a large number of varieties of fine tea trees were discovered, such as golden osmanthus, benshan, buddha's hands, hairy crabs, plum trees and oolong leaves.the discovery of these varieties has brought anxi tea industry into its peak development stage.the poem of "Xicha suiyan tea made by imitating rock tea, fried before baking" By the famous monk of qing dynasty indicates that there were already xicha production in qing dynasty, and tieguanyin was created by the tea farmers of anxi.tieguanyin belongs to oolong tea, which is a semi-fermented tea between green tea and black tea. It is one of the six major tea categories of chinese green tea, black tea, green tea (oolong), white tea, yellow tea and black tea.the birth of oolong tea picking process is another significant innovation of traditional chinese tea making process.


In the 22nd year of the reign of emperor guangxu of qing dynasty (ad 1896), an xi native zhang naimiao.and successively spread to fujian province yongchun, nan 'an, hua 'an, ping, fu 'an, chong 'an, putian, xianyou and other counties and guangdong province.during this period, anxi oolong tea production technology has been widely spread overseas, and the reputation of high quality tea such as tieguanyin has been increasing.

Famous Anxi Oolong Tea