What is famous tea huang shan mao feng?

Huang shan mao feng is one of china's top ten teas, which belong to green tea. Huangshan in anhui province, so also known as hui tea. It was created by xieyuda tea plantation in the reign of emperor guangxu of qing dynasty. Every year, during the qingming grain rain, select the first fat and strong buds of excellent tea tree "Huangshan species" And "Huangshan large leaf species", and hand-fry the tea. Enter the cup to brew the mist knot top, the liquor color clear green micro yellow, the leaf bottom yellow green has the vigor, the flavor is mellow and sweet, the aroma is like the orchid, the charm is profound. The name of the tea is huangshan maofeng, because the new tea leaves are white, with a peak of shoot, and the fresh leaves are picked from the peak of huangshan mountain.


In addition to the natural conditions such as moist climate, soft soil, and smooth drainage in general tea areas, huangshan also has its own characteristics such as high mountain and valley depth, large clear water and humidity in streams, steep rock slopes, and verdant soil and water. In such natural conditions, tea is very suitable for growth, so the leaves are juicy and durable. Add huangshan around the birth of orchids, when picking tea, when shanhua brilliant, floral fumigation, huangshan tea particularly qingxiang, unique flavor.


Mao feng green tea grows in the location of the north latitude 30 °08. The geological and geomorphological features, species mineral deposits, hydrology and climate are diverse and complex. Located in the transition zone of subtropical and temperate zones, precipitation is relatively abundant and vegetation is abundant.