What is dragon well green tea?

Dragon well green tea, a green tea, one of china's top 10 teas.produced in hangzhou, zhejiang province, west lake longjing village around the mountains, and hence the name.it has a history of more than 1,200 years. When qianlong of qing dynasty visited west lake of hangzhou, he praised the west lake longjing tea and named the 18 tea trees in front of hu gong temple at shifeng mountain as "Imperial tea".west lake dragon well is divided into 1 ~ 8 grades according to its shape and quality.


The special west lake longjing tea is flat, smooth and straight. Its color is light green and smooth.longjing tea produced before the tomb-sweeping day is called "Pre-ming longjing tea" For short. It is also called "Girl child's red".west lake longjing tea, like west lake, is the perfect crystallization of human, nature and culture, and is an important carrier of regional culture of west lake.


West lake longjing tea, flat and beautiful shape, green color and green color, inner quality, fragrant and mellow taste, soaked in the cup, green bud and leaf color.known as "Green color, fragrant, sweet taste, sweet, beautiful shape" Four absolute praise.


In the spring tea, the special grade west lake longjing and zhejiang longjing are flat and smooth in appearance, with sharp cutting of the front of the seedling.soup light green (yellow) bright;fragrant or tender chestnut, but some of the tea with high fire incense;fresh or rich in flavor;the leaves are green and complete.the color of the remaining longjing tea varies from light green to green to dark green, from small to large, and from smooth to rough.the flavor changes from tender to thick, and the four grades of tea begin to have rough taste.leaf base from bud to leaf, color from light yellow to green to yellow brown.xia qiu longjing tea, dark green or dark green color, large tea body, no fine hair on the surface, yellow and bright soup, fragrant but rough, slightly astringent taste, yellow and bright leaf base, overall quality than the same grade of spring tea.

Dragon Well Green Tea