What is chinese silver needle tea?

Among the famous tea exported from china, there is a special precious variety that enjoys international reputation - chinese silver needle white tea. This kind of tea is as white as silver, like flower needle, bubble into the cup, upside down, exquisite.drink a little bit, then full mouth health, qinrenxinpi, aftertaste. This tea not only helps quench thirst, but also has the effect of decrease internal heat, which can cure "Fire disease". Therefore, local people always keep some silver needle tea, silver needle tea for medicinal purposes. Silver needles, also known as pekoe, are the best of the only varieties of white tea, as well as the silver needles of junshan.


Silver needle tea was created in 1889, the founder of modern white tea. The standard for picking silver needles is one bud and one leaf, which germinates on the tender shoot of spring tea. The silvery needles in the shape of the tea buds are plump, shaped like needles and covered with white milks. The color is fresh and smooth, shining like silver, the bar is straight and straight. The tea soup is apricot yellow and crystal clear. The tang is mellow and fragrant.

Chinese Silver Needle Tea