What is Anxi Oolong Tea?

High Mountain Anxi Oolong Tea.jpgAnxi Oolong Tea is produced in Wuyi Mountain, a famous mountain in the southeast of Xiubei, and the tea tree grows in the crack of the rock. It has the fragrance of green tea and the sweetness of black tea. It is the best in Chinese oolong tea. It is a semi-fermented green tea made between green tea and black tea.

Anxi Oolong Tea is a kind of “semi-fermented” tea between red and green tea. It contains unique natural floral fragrance and tastes delicious. It is both a precious drink and a good medicinal value. Tieguanyin is the best of Oolong tea, one of the world famous teas, “green leaf red rim, seven bubbles have a fragrance”, and enjoys high reputation at home and abroad.

Oolong tea is made from fresh leaves, with greening, smashing, simmering and drying. It has the quality characteristics of black tea and green tea. The color of the soup is golden, the aroma tastes both the fresh and green tea, and the bottom of the tea. Red rimmed for green leaves. Anxi Oolong tea is strong and curly. Color: Oolong tea color sand green green or green oil. Aroma: Oolong tea has floral aroma. Soup color: Oolong tea soup is orange or golden, clear and bright. Taste: Tea soup is mellow, fresh and flexible. Leaf bottom: green leaf red rim, that is, the veins and leaf margins are red, the rest are green, the green is green and slightly yellow, and the red is bright.