What are the precautions for tea?

The pests that have great influence on tea tree are small green leaf hoppers, mites, aphids, blackthorn pink lice and looper looper. Agricultural control and pesticide control must be the main approach to these pests.

Agricultural control:

1. Loose soil weeding in tea garden to remove breeding places of pests;

2. Trim the garden in winter, remove the shade, weak, diseased and withered leaves, and bury them in deep for fertilizer;

3. Pick them in time to take away the eggs in the buds and reduce the population density of the next generation.


Drug control: To grasp the timely spray, the green leafhoppers and aphids generally start to spray the new tea shoots 10 to 20 days after they start to sprout and grow, and spray once again 7 to 10 days, can be used to spray 2.5% deltamethrin 1000-1500 times liquid, 40% logol emulsion 1000-1500 times liquid evenly on the back of the leaves. To the looper must be sprayed before the third instar larvae, and the acanthopanax must be sprayed during the incubation period. In particular, the first generation should be treated with the injection of 2.5% deltamethrin 1000-1500 times liquid. For the control of mites, 80% pozin 1000 times solution and 75% chlorite 4000 times night spray can be used. During the tea picking period in winter, 0.3-0.5 baume sulfur mixture can be used.


The time that drinks puerh loose leaf tea had better be in after the meal, because empty stomach drinks pu erh tea cake to be able to hurt the body, especially to the person that does not often drink tea, can restrain gastric juice to secrete, impede digestion, serious still can cause palpitation, have a headache to wait "Tea drunk" Phenomenon. In addition, tea in the evening should be less tea, not too strong tea.


Be careful not to drink tea overnight. Additional, general summer temperature is higher, pu erh black tea should not exceed 12 hours. Do not use a thermos cup to make tea, to avoid losing nutrients.


Berberine and tea cannot be consumed together. Drinking tea should be prohibited within 2 hours before and after taking berberine. Tea contains about 10% tannin, which is a alkaloid precipitator. It can combine with the alkaloid in berberine to form insoluble tannate precipitation, which can reduce the effect of berberine. Empty stomach drinks tea to be able to dilute gastric juice, bring about digestive function to reduce, this can cause the phenomenon such as palpitation, dizziness, headache, lack of power.

Puerh Loose Leaf Tea