What are the conditions for planting white tea?

Organic Fujian Loose Leaf White Tea.jpgTo construct a white tea garden, you should choose a section of gentle slope that is sheltered from the wind and the soil. The depth of the whole soil layer is required to reach 0.8 to 1.0 m, the loose soil layer is required to be about 0.5 m, and a garden with low groundwater level and good ventilation and fertility is required. It is preferred to be acidic mountain yellow soil, sandy yellow soil and red-yellow loam. The slopes are generally oriented in the north direction.

The soil for planting white tea needs to be deepened by 0.45~0.50 meters. The drainage ditch is opened around, the land is flattened, and then 150-200 kg of cake fertilizer per acre is applied. The potassium sulfate compound fertilizer is 20-25 kg as the base fertilizer. The root system is not directly required when transplanting. Touching the fertilizer to prevent the fertilizer from hurting the roots and affecting the survival of the tea seedlings.

In order to improve the degree of whitening of white tea, it is recommended to re-apply base fertilizer at the end of autumn and winter, and apply nitrogen fertilizer before spring tea and summer and autumn tea. The pest control of white tea garden should adopt biological, agricultural and integrated control methods, and generally do not spray pesticides.