The technique of brewing oolong tea

First is the boiling water, water temperature to "one boiling water" (that is, just roll boiling) appropriate. When the water is boiling, rinse the bowl (or teapot) and teacups so that it is hygienic and heated, and then put the Oolong tea into the bowl (or teapot). Tea volume bowl for 5-10 grams, teapot depending on size, small teapot accounted for four or five of the teapot capacity, the teapot accounted for three or four points, the big teapot accounted for two or three points. These actions include the procedure, namely "spring boiling," "White Crane Bathing" and "Wu long into the palace."

Then lift the kettle, and flush it from the high place to the bowl or the spout of the teapot, make the tea in the bowl (pot) rotate, make the tea fragrant; after boiling water, immediately cover the bowl (pot) cover, and wait a moment, with a bowl (pot) lid gently scrape the floating white foam, so that the tea clean. This is the fourth to fifth procedure, called "Hanging Pot High", "Spring Breeze".

Soak after one or two minutes (bubble time should be appropriate, too short, color fragrance out of the way, too long, will produce bitter taste), with the thumb, the two fingers Clamp bowl, the index finger pressure on the bowl cover, the tea in turn into a small cup in parallel. Pour should be low, so as not to disperse fragrance loss taste. To the bottom of the final bowl of the most dense part, to evenly 1.1 points drop into the cups. In this way, to achieve a uniform shade, mellow consistency, but also contains the host's affectionate kindness. This is the sixth to seventh procedure, called "Guan Gong Patrol City", "Xin Han soldiers".

Once the tea is poured into the cup, it should be taken by hot and thin, so as not to affect the color fragrance. Suction drink, first smell its fragrance, after tasting its taste, while sipping, drink volume although not much, but can teeth cheek liuxiang, throat back gan, refreshing, refreshing. This is the eighth procedure, called "the product to sip the rain."

The second time the tea, still want to use boiling water hot cup, soak two or three minutes after pour. Take the third and fourth times. Bubble drink Basic, just the time of the tea to add a little longer, but according to the quality of the tea, good or bad, such as Oolong tea, brew seven or eight times still more incense.

Although people's pace of life has been accelerated, such as in the work, leisure Gap, along the tradition, taste good, not only can adjust the fast pace of modern life, but also can edify sentiment, increase the unlimited life fun, to achieve a wonderful artistic enjoyment.