The origins of tea

The origins of tea:

There is a long history of tea drinking in China, and it is impossible to pinpoint exactly what the age is, but the general era is a story. And we can also find evidence that the habit of drinking tea in many parts of the world is passing through China.
Therefore, many people think that drinking tea is the Chinese initiative, the rest of the world's drinking habits, tea planting habits are directly or indirectly from the country passed. But others can find evidence that the habit of drinking tea is not only invented by the Chinese, but also in other parts of the world where tea is invented, such as India and Africa. In 1823, a major British invading army discovered wild large tea trees in India, and some began to identify the birthplace of tea in India, or at least in India. China of course also has the record of wild large tea trees, are concentrated in the southwest, the record also contains the Gansu, Hunan, the individual areas.
Tea is a kind of ancient dicotyledons, which is closely related to people's life. The origins of tea drinking in China: Tracing the origins of Chinese tea drinking, some think that from the ancient times, some think from the Zhou Dynasty, from the Qin and Han, the Three Kingdoms, the northern and Southern Dynasties, the Tang Dynasty, the main reason is that there is no "tea" before the Tang Dynasty, and only "Cha" word records, until the tea by the author Lu Yu, Side will be the tea word minus one painting and write "Cha", so tea originated in the Tang Dynasty. Others have originated from Shen Nong and originated from the Qin and Han dynasties.