The origin of tea production research

The origin of tea production research:

In recent decades, tea and botanical research in combination, from tree species and geological changes in climate change and other aspects of the origin of tea has made a more detailed analysis and argumentation, further prove that southwest China is the origin of tea.
The main argument, simply speaking, has three aspects:
    Judging from the natural distribution of tea At present, there are 23 genera and more than 380 species of camellia plants, while China has 15 genera, more than 260 species, and most of them are located in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. More than 100 species of camellia have been found, there are more than 60 kinds of Yunnan-Guizhou plateau, of which tea species occupy the most important position. From the botanical point of view, the center of origin of many genera is concentrated in a certain area, which indicates that the area is the origin of the flora.
    The high concentration of Camellia and Camellia in southwest China shows that the southwest of China is the origin center of Camellia genus, which is the birthplace of tea.
    From the perspective of geological changes Southwest Mountains undulating, river valleys criss-crossing, the terrain is changeable, so that many small landforms and microclimate areas, in the low latitude and altitude disparity between the circumstances, resulting in large climate differences, so that the original growth of tea trees here, slowly divided into tropical, subtropical and temperate climate in different climates, Thus leading to variation in the tea tree species, developed into tropical and subtropical type of large leaf species and the middle lobe of the tea tree, as well as the temperate middle lobe species and leaf tree. Botanists believe that the place where a species mutates the most is the center of origin of the species.
    The three provinces of southwest China are the most varied and abundant resources in our country, which is the center of the origin of tea tree.
    From the evolution type of tea tree In the long history of its system development, tea tree tends to evolve continuously. Therefore, the original type of tea is concentrated in the region, when the origin of tea.
The wild large tea trees in the three provinces of southwest China and their adjacent areas have the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the original tea tree, and also prove that the southwest of China is the central area of the origin of tea tree.