Scientific drinking methods and precautions of white tea

Drinking white tea, not too strong, generally 150 ml of water with 5 grams of tea is enough. Water temperature requirements in 95 ℃ above, the first bubble time of about 3 minutes, filtered into tea cup can be poured into drinking. The second bubble as long as 5 minutes, that is to do with the drink with the bubble. In general, a cup of white tea can be washed four or five times.

White tea sex cold, for the stomach "heat" can be in the amount of fasting when drinking. The stomach neuter, at any time to drink all the same, while the stomach "cold" is to drink after the meal. But white tea generally does not irritate the stomach wall.

Drinking white tea utensils, and not too much attention, can be used cups, tea cups, teapots and so on. If the use of "Kung Fu Tea" drinking tea sets and brewing methods, the effect of course is better.

White tea dosage, average per person per day as long as 5 grams is enough, the elderly should not be too much. Other tea is also so, drink more will "extremes", instead of the role of health care. Here also to give you a wake up, kidney deficiency body weak, tachycardia of heart disease, severe hypertensive patients, serious constipation, serious neurasthenia, iron-deficiency anemia are not suitable to drink strong tea, and should not be an empty stomach tea. Otherwise may cause "the tea intoxication" the phenomenon.

Bai Chaoyi often drink, should not be interrupted. The health function of white tea is a continuous, uninterrupted, otherwise, it is difficult to effect. Ancient famous doctor Hua in the "food theory" put forward the "bitter tea long food, benefit thinking" argument. Tea should be selected sometimes drink, not blindly drink. As the saying goes: "After dinner, tea digestion, long spirit." "The time before and before bedtime, it is not appropriate to drink tea."