Preservation methods of green tea

One bogey damp: green tea tea is a loose porous hydrophilic material, it has a strong moisture absorption and humidity. Storage of green tea, relative humidity in 60% is more appropriate, more than 70% will be due to the absorption of moisture and mildew spots, and then acidification deterioration.

Two bogey high temperature: green tea tea best preservation temperature of 0-5 ℃. High temperature tea in the amino acids, sugars, vitamins and aromatic substances will be broken down, so that the quality, aroma, taste has been reduced.

Three bogey sunshine: Sunlight will promote the green tea tea pigment and ester substance oxidation, can decompose chlorophyll into magnesium chlorophyll. Green Tea tea is stored in a glass container or transparent plastic bag, after exposure to sunlight, the internal material will react, so that green tea quality deterioration.

Four bogey oxygen: green tea tea in the chlorophyll, aldehydes, esters, vitamin C and other easy to combine with the oxygen in the air, after the oxidation of green tea tea will make green tea soup color red, deep, so that the nutritional value greatly reduced.

Five bogey odor: Green tea tea contains high molecular palm enzyme and terpene dilute compounds. This kind of material is very unstable and can absorb peculiar smell. Therefore, the tea and smelly items mixed storage, will absorb odor and can not be removed.