Making technology of white tea

The production process of white tea is the most natural, the extraction of fresh tea thin stall on the bamboo placed in a weak sun, or in the ventilation effect of a good indoor, let its natural wither. Drying to seven or eight dry, and then slowly dry with slow fire can be. Because of the simple production process, with minimal processing process.

The use of single bud as raw materials processed by white tea processing process, called silver needle Bai Hao; white tea is generally more picked from the fuding Big white teas, Quancheng red, Quancheng Green, the fuding tea, Quancheng red, Quancheng Green, and the Great white Tea and Fu'an white tea and other tea varieties of a bud one or two leaves, according to the white tea processing process produced by the Bai Peony or new white tea Using a bud of one or two leaves of the vegetable tea, processed and made of Gong, the white tea with the fresh leaves of the needle is called longevity eyebrow. White tea production process, generally divided into withered and dry two processes, and the key is withering. Withering is divided into indoor natural wilt, compound withering and heating wilt. In accordance with the climate of flexibility, to spring and autumn day or summer not muggy sunny weather, to take indoor wilt or duplex wilt. Its refining process is in the elimination of stems, tablets, wax leaves, red sheets, dark Zhang, to a slow fire to the foot dry, only appropriate to the incense to foil tea, to water content for $number when hot boxed. The white tea method is characterized by not destroying the activity of enzymes, not promoting oxidation, and maintaining the appearance of incense, Tang cool.