Identification method of Dark Tea

1, look at the shape: see the color of dry tea, rope, stem volume, smell dry tea incense. Black tea has fermented incense, old tea has Chen, tight pressure brick surface integrity, sharp pattern, clear edges and corners, no cracks in the side, loose tea strips uniform, oil quality is good.

2, see Soup Color: orange bright, Chen tea color red bright as amber.

3, smell aroma: with sweet bouquet or loose incense, Chen have Chen.

4, Taste: Alcohols, Chen lubrication, back gan.

5, see Ye Di: Black Brown.

Old Dark Tea durable foam, can be seen from the following points:

Features: Red and clear soup color, such as old wine, no precipitation, turbidity, very ornamental value, household glassware brewing, easy to view color.

Aroma: First bubble mellow with Chen, weak rigidity, medium-term Chen-alcohol both, late Chen prominent, mellow as old wine.

Taste: The first bubble entrance sweet, run, slippery, thick and not greasy, aftertaste sweet, medium-term sweet pure belt cool, the entrance is the turn, the later makes the soup color to be shallow, the tea taste still sinks sweet pure, has no miscellaneous taste.

Dark Tea quality requirements: brick face formation, pattern clear, angular, uniform thickness, black and white color, no black mold, mildew, etc., can have "golden flower", the inner aroma pure, or with pine cigarette taste, soup color orange shang, taste alcohol and astringent taste of coarse old taste.