How to save green tea?

Chinese Gragon Well Green Tea.jpgAccording to the difference between the object and the amount of green tea possessed and preserved, the methods of preservation and storage of green tea are mainly divided into professional and family. The professional preservation is mainly for tea merchants to preserve their tea products. The family mainly saves a small amount of green tea, among which green tea There are three professional save methods:

The first is the lime block preservation method. The quicklime block is packed in a bag made of white fine cloth. The green tea is placed in a white cotton paper bag and a kraft paper bag. Then the small mouth ceramic pot is washed and dried, and the white paper is placed under the white pot. The green tea tea bag is placed in a small pottery jar, and the middle is embedded in one or two lime bags. The altar is sealed with several layers of grass and finally compacted with brick or thick wood to reduce the amount of air exchange. After that, the storage should be checked frequently, and the lime should be replaced in time after deliquescent.

The second is the carbon storage method. The method of operation is basically the same as the lime block storage method. The material used is nothing but charcoal after burning and extinguishing. The tea utensils can be replaced by a jar or a small tin bucket. The capacity of charcoal bags and green tea bags can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the container.

The third is the green tea cold storage method. The green tea is dried with water vapor, and the water content is between 3-5% and not more than 6%. The green tea is placed in an aluminum-plated composite bag, heat-sealed, and the air in the bag is taken out by a breathing aspirator. At the same time, the nitrogen is flushed, sealed, sealed, placed in a tea box, and then placed in a low-temperature refrigerator for storage. This method is the best green tea preservation method under the current state of science and technology. The amount of storage is large and long.