How to preserve organic raw puerh tea cake? the raw cakes and cooked cakes, compare the raw tea with the cooked method, different storage methods.


2.The place is preferably close to the ground on the first floor, so that pu erh tea  can naturally contact with air and be mellowed by humidity and temperature.


3.The preservation method of pu erh tea cake relations apartment has tea room, can put a tea room to store, do not put dehumidifier or air conditioner to absorb the moisture of dry tea, should be the best natural temperature storage.


4.Storage space to protect from the sun or sunlight.this is also the key to storage.light is a powerful force against tea. Be careful!


5.If organic pu erh tea is a canister 7 pieces, unfavorable in outer package again on plastic bag, original bamboo leaf piece is the guardian god of tea, deposit depend on her to depend on, loose tea or cake stripped open, want to put tea urn.


6.The material of tea urn should be porcelain and pottery.the method of preserving pu-erh tea cake can be used to place the tea in a porcelain is advisable to release cakes in a porcelain jar. pottery urns are also divided into glazes and no glaze. The urn of glaze has better moisture retention and moderate activity, which can be put into the aged tea. Unglazed pottery urn to turn tea better, appropriate to put in new tea! But should notice: Water absorption is too strong also should not put tea.

Organic Raw Puerh Tea Cake