How to pick high mountain anxi oolong tea?

Tieguanyin picking standard is: Waiting for new shoots to grow to 3 ~ 5 leaves to be almost mature, and the top leaves 60 to 70 when the open surface of 2 ~ 4 leaves, commonly known as "Open surface mining".according to the extension degree of the new tip, the so-called "Open surface" Can be divided into small open surface, medium open surface and large open surface. The small open surface is the area of the first leaf on the top of the shoot tip, which is equal to 1/2 of the second leaf.the middle opening is the area of the first leaf at the top of the shoot tip is equal to 2/3 of the second leaf;the area of the parietal lobe is similar to that of the second lobe.spring and autumn tea "Open face to pick", that is to wait for the parietal leaves to unfold, there are standing buds, pick one bud two three leaves;summer, summer tea appropriate tender, using "Small open surface";high yield tea garden tea lush, holding a strong tenderness, then pick a bud three or four leaves.


High mountain anxi oolong tea's principle is "According to the standard, timely, batch, leaves to pick" The method of picking.the "Fixed-height planar picking method" Is adopted, that is, according to the growth situation of tea trees, a certain height of the picking surface is determined, all the buds on the longitudinal surface are picked, and all buds under the longitudinal surface are kept and maintained, so as to form a relatively deep vegetative growth layer, which can make full use of the light energy, improve the germination rate, balance the budding of the buds, and promote increasing production and improving quality.shoot shoot growth vigorous tea tree, divided two harvest, the first time according to the standard three or four leaves, the second two other system.the next season will be picked on the basis of this picking surface appropriately improved.

High Mountain Anxi Oolong Tea