How to brew da hong pao oolong tea?

Brewing method of da hong pao oolong tea

1. The amount of tea input is about 1/2 of the tea ware.

2. The teapot and teacup after 100 ℃ in the boiling water rinse, put the tea in a pot, again into 100 ℃ of boiling water, washing a tea it.

3. With 100 ℃ high boiling water injection in POTS, for 5 seconds, and then injected into the cup to enjoy.

4. The second bubble in 100 ℃ water, for bubble for 8 seconds.

5. The third bubble with 100 ℃ boiling water, for bubble after 15 seconds.


Standby: for most da hong pao oolong tea , they are basically suitable for bubbling in covered bowls and zisha teapots.


This is very important for da hong pao. First of all, the bubbler (cover bowl or zisha teapot) must be rinsed inside and outside. Moreover, it must be hot through.


Both the breamer and the drinker should take a good look at the shape, color and aroma of the tea. Of course, the aroma is not yet well expressed. Then you can smell the charming aroma of da hong pao through the following steps.


When placing tea, move quickly and keep the bubbler temperature as high as possible.


The shape of da hong pao is not as tightly knotted as tieguanyin, so this tea washing process can be simpler. Once in the water, you can immediately pour out the tea.Fair or not pour into the cup, and then divide into sample tea cup.


In the brewing of rock tea, high chong appears very important.When rushing high, it is best to let the tea leaves roll in the cover bowl. Pour the tea in about 15 seconds after flushing (use this time to pour the warm water back into the pool).


Out of the soup

1. Dividing cup: evenly pour the tea soup into each wenxiang cup, no fair cup, directly pour into wenxiang cup, the first bubble pour a third, the second bubble still, the third bubble pour full.

2. Smell of incense: because the fragrance of dahongpao is high, the room will be full of incense in the brewing process. Place the sample tea cup and fragrance-smelling cup together in front of the guests. The fragrance-smelling cup of tea in sample tea cup, her hands rub moves fragrance-smelling cup. Close your eyes and take a deep breath...(sample tea cup on the right, the fragrance-smelling cup on the left)

3. Tea tasting: da hong pao is so famous that many people can't wait to drink it. At this time actually still want to put the mood gentle, have appreciation, the feeling of taste, slowly inhale tea soup, slowly appreciate, slowly swallow. Feel the throat and lower abdomen.

Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea