Green Tea Shopping Tips

(1) Shape: green tea is different in shape, big difference. The line of eyebrow tea is evenly uniform, neat and smooth, the bead tea is tight knot, round such as bead, heavy solid, bake green, Mao tea strip knot, white and more.

(2) Color: Jean Eyebrow is green and with silver luster, bead tea dark green and with black luster, green green verdant, baked blue greenish belt tender yellow, Guapian green.

(3) Aroma: There is fragrance, the tun green chestnut incense, green and fragrant flowers;

(4) Soup color: The soup color clear cui green and transparent clear.

(5) Taste: Tea soup strong alcohol fresh, aftertaste with Gan.

(6) Ye Di: Bright, delicate, thick soft, tender green, with white hairs on the back.