Effect of green tea


It is helpful to anti-aging, tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant and physiological activity, it is the scavenger of human free radicals. The study showed that 1 mg of tea polyphenols was more effective than 9 micrograms of superoxide dismutase in the removal of excess free radicals harmful to human body, which was significantly higher than other similar substances. Tea polyphenols have the effect of blocking lipid peroxidation and removing active enzymes. According to the results of the Okuda test in Japan, the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols was 18 times times stronger than that of vitamin E.

Suppression of disease

It helps to inhibit the cardiovascular disease. Tea polyphenols play an important role in human body fat metabolism. The human body's cholesterol, green tea picture (20) Three acid Gan fat and other content high, the blood vessel wall adipose deposition, the vascular smooth muscle cell hyperplasia forms the artery atherosclerotic plaque and so on the cardiovascular disease. Tea polyphenols, especially catechins in tea polyphenols, ECG and EGC and their oxidized products, etc., can help to inhibit the plaque hyperplasia, so that the formation of blood coagulation viscosity-enhanced fibrinogen decreased, coagulation became clear, thereby inhibiting atherosclerosis.


Help prevent and anti-cancer tea polyphenols can block the synthesis of many carcinogenic substances such as nitrite, and have direct killing cancer cells and improve the immune function of the body. According to the relevant information, tea polyphenols, such as gastric cancer, intestinal cancer and other types of cancer prevention and adjuvant treatment, are beneficial.

Radiation protection

It is helpful to prevent and treat radiation injury tea polyphenols and their oxidized products have the ability to absorb radioactive material strontium 90 and cobalt 60 poison. According to the clinical trial of the medical department, the treatment of mild radiation sickness caused by tumor patients in the course of radiotherapy, with tea extract, can reach more than 90%; the effective rate of treatment of blood cell reduction, tea extract was 81.7%, and the treatment of leukopenia caused by radiation was better.