Yellow Mountain Mao Feng Green Tea

Yellow Mountain Mao Feng Green Tea
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Yellow Mountain Mao Feng Green Tea is one of the top famous green teas in China. Produced in the Huangshan (Huizhou) area of Anhui Province, it is also known as Huicha. It is a well-known green tea in the history of China. It has a good promotion effect. It can treat some cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. For patients with enteritis, it has a certain therapeutic effect.

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1. Invigorating the nerve

The caffeine in tea can excite the central nervous system, thereby relieving nerve fatigue, promoting thinking and improving work efficiency.

2. Diuretic detoxification

Theophylline in tea can increase urine discharge, eliminate edema, and treat acute jaundice hepatitis.

3. Relieving bronchospasm

The nutrients in the tea can increase the function of the heart and relax the smooth muscles, thereby promoting blood circulation and relieving bronchospasm.

4. Activating blood circulation

Tea polyphenols and nutrients in tea can play a role in promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, thereby reducing the incidence of prevention of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

5. Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

It has the effect of eliminating and inhibiting single-cell bacteria and can be used to treat gastrointestinal diseases, stomatitis and the like.

6. Lose weight

The multi-purpose biological substances in tea can regulate fat metabolism, break down fat, and play the role of cellulite and weight loss.

7. Prevention of dental caries

The tea contains fluorine and forms a protective layer on the teeth to reduce the corrosion of the teeth.