Chinese Yellow Mountain Green Tea

Chinese Yellow Mountain Green Tea
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Chinese Yellow Mountain Green Tea

Product descriptions 

Chinese Yellow Mountain green tea is a green tea grown in the foothills of the Yellow Mountain range where it is almost always foggy and humid. It is considered as one of China's most famous teas. It is a baked green tea. Because the tea is white, the bud is like a peak, it is also named "Maofeng". It features slightly curly shape, green yellow color, white fur on the surface and golden yellow fish leaves.

Product features

1. After brewing, the soup is clear and yellow, the taste is mellow and the aroma is like orchid. 

2. It gives a very distinctive and flowery flavor. Tealeaf is very soft and tender, it gives no bitterness or sour taste at all.

3. This kind of tea is good for the health and beauty.

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