Organic Raw Puerh Tea Cake

Organic Raw Puerh Tea Cake
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This type of rich, earthy pu-erh tea is referred to as ripened, or cooked. Unlike many other teas such as green and white which should be consumed shortly after production, pu-erh is unique in that it can be brewed immediately, or can be stored and aged for many years to come, much like a fine wine. Most pu-erh is classified by the year and region in which they were produced, again like wine. In fact, when it comes to pu-erh tea, a longer storage and aging period often results in a deeper complexity of flavor and an increase in the tea’s value. Many aged pu-erh teas are served in Chinese restaurants after heavy meals, as this type of tea is known for its ability to aid in digestion and weight loss.

  • 100% Naturally Organically Grown

  • Taste: Mellow and thick, natural earthy and smoky woody taste

  • Puerh Tea can help you lose weight and fat, healthy beverage

  • Bold, smooth, earthy flavor that is satisfying and can be consumed as an alternative to coffee.

  • This pu erh tea is 100% organic and lab tested for quality all of our certifications and tests are available.

  • Naturally detoxifying and energizing pu-erh tea contains caffeine and l-theanine for increased energy and focus.

  • Pu erh tea supports weight loss goals this Chinese herbal tea can help energize and curb hunger.